Railroad Spike

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     In Folk Magick and Hoodoo circles, the durability, strength, and unprocessed nature of wrought iron have traditionally been highly valued,  It is thought that older, rusted spikes are particularly powerful, having acquired wisdom and experience from long use.

     Symbolizing nailing down and holding in place, railroad spikes have long been used to protect one's land and property.  Driving a spike into each corner of the property and urinating on each one in turn to mark the property as one's own is a time-honored tradition.

     In more modern times, urinating in full view of the neighbors is generally frowned upon (unless one lives in a very progressive neighborhood), so the practice of dressing the spikes with an appropriate oil or powder has come into practice. 

     For example, the spike can be dressed with Hotfoot Powder to keep a specific energy or individual away from the property.  To attract prosperity, one might dress with Money Draw Oil, or for general safety and protection for whatever may come one's way, dressing the spike(s) with De Rituales Firewall Oil would be appropriate.  Dress with Abramelin Oil to assist in the efficacy of rituals performed on the property.

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