Hotfoot Powder 1 oz.

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     De Rituales™ Hotfoot Powder is a proprietary formula based upon an old Southern Hoodoo recipe, designed to keep unwanted people away from oneself or one's property and maintain peace and tranquility in the home. Hotfoot powder can be employed in a variety of methods including:

  • Take a spoonful of dirt lifted from the troublesome person's footprint and place it on a square of paper (unbleached with rough edges preferred) upon which you have written the person's name nine times. Sprinkle it with Hotfoot Powder and throw the mixture over your left shoulder into running water without looking back.
  • Sprinkle Hotfoot Powder across the offending person's footprints while walking backward.
  • To keep someone from returning to your property, sprinkle a line of Hotfoot Powder across your own doorstep (walking backward) while they are still within your home.
  • To drive away offensive neighbors, sprinkle a line of Hotfoot Powder across their doorstep (while walking backward) or sprinkle it in their yard.
  • Sprinkle a bit of Hotfoot Powder in your enemy's shoes.
It should be noted, that as with any form of magick, one's intent must be clear and focused when using Hotfoot Powder. In other words: it is advised that its use not be taken lightly.

For External Use Only. Not intended for skin application.
Sold as a Curio.
1 oz. Tin