Horse Shoes

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     The horse shoe is perhaps the most ubiquitous symbol of luck in the world.  Variations on the luck-bearing qualities of well-used horse shoes exist in the folk magick traditions of a multitude of cultures from the blue glazed amulets of the Middle East to the thread wrapped protective talismans of Mexico.

     The crescent shape of the horse shoe has long been associated with the crescent moon, and by extension, Moon goddesses of ancient Europe such as Diana, Sheela-Na-Gig, and Artemis.  The association with these goddesses may be the genesis of the traditional hanging of the horse shoe above the door.

     In some traditions, the horseshoe is hung pointing up, to "collect the luck" and in some, hung pointing down to "shower with luck" those who pass beneath.  Regardless of placement, it is clear that cultures around the world have long recognized the power inherent in these items.

     All of our horseshoes have been used and then collected when the animals are in need of new footwear.

Sold as a curio.