Tar Water 20 mL Vial

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     Tar Water has traditionally been used used to cleanse the home of negative influences.  It is especially efficacious in driving haunts from a space and breaking any "tricks" directed at your property.

     Examples of use:

  • Dilute it in water and fill a spray bottle to spray around your property.  This works very well when used in conjunction with Railroad Spikes.
  • Dilute in a bucket of water and use as a floor wash to remove haunting spirits.
  • With an eyedropper, place a drop of De Rituales™ Tar Water in each corner of a room or on objects such as ritual tools or treasured items.

     Tar Water's scent, while not necessarily unpleasant, is quite strong.  The odor does fade within a few hours or days depending how much is used.

For External Use Only.  Not for skin application.
Sold as a Curio. 
20 mL Vial