Van Van Oil

Van Van Sigil

     Van Van Oil is the Swiss Army Knife of "intention" or "conjure" oils.  It's extremely versatile and easily aligns with the intent of the user.  Van Van Oil is commonly used for:

  • Banishing and clearing evil or harmful influences
  • Meditation
  • Purification
  • Protection
  • Good luck with finance, business, love, and gambling
  • Ritual preparation
  • Opening the road (clearing obstacles)
  • Reversing bad luck
  • Empowering amulets, charms, and talismans

     Contrary to prevalent belief, "Van Van" does not refer to "Vanilla".  Van Van Oil contains Lemon Verbena, also known as "Vervain".  The French word for this herb is "Verveine", which in the French Creole dialect is pronounced "Vah-Vahn".  There.  That's a thing you know.    

Examples for Use

  • Dress an orange or green candle (or both) with Van Van Oil and burn the candles in a ritual to remove obstacles you're facing.  Hold the candle with the bottom facing you and apply the oil from the wick end toward you.  This is symbolic of drawing the desired result into your life and is a traditional component of folk magick.
  • Rub a small amount of Van Van Oil on your hands before signing documents, gambling, or any other endeavor that requires a bit of good fortune.
  • Place a dab of Van Van Oil on any communication device (pencil, computer, cell phone, etc.) to counteract the effects of Mercury Retrograde.
  • When giving someone a gift, anoint it first with Van Van Oil to ensure that your generosity is reflected.

   "What's that squiggly symbol for?"      

     The accompanying sigil has been empowered with an extra "kick" and may be focused upon while projecting your intent in using the oil.  Click here for more information about sigils and how they're used!    

     De Rituales Brand oils are made with 100% natural herbs and minerals, not synthetic fragrances.  Our oils are made to fulfill their intended purposes and not as substitutes for perfume.  As a result, sediment or fragments of herbs may be present.

For External Use Only. Please do a skin test prior to wearing.
Sold as a Curio.