De Rituales Sigils

     Every De Rituales™ Brand oil has an accompanying sigil that may be used for an extra "kick" to enhance whatever intention you're using the oil for.

What's a Sigil?

     The practice of incorporating sigils into modern magickal practices dates back to the English artist and Occultist Austin Osman Spare (1886 - 1956).  Spare's methods ultimately informed the practices of "Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth" and occult writers like Peter J. Carroll and Phil Hine, resulting in the birth of the Chaos Magick movement of the '70s and '80s, which still exists today.

     The basic nuts and bolts of sigilization consist of:

  • Writing out one's intent
  • Removing all vowels and repeating consonants
  • Combining the remaining letters into a single symbol
  • Refining the symbol until it is unrecognizable as a statement of intent

     Spare believed that it was necessary to forget the intent that the sigil symbolized in order to prevent "lust for result" (otherwise stated, "getting in your own way")  More current wisdom holds that this is not, in fact, necessary.  Furthermore, depending on the intent of the creator, others can use the sigil to achieve the same result and that repeated use actually increases the potency.

How to Use the Sigil Attached to Your Oil

     Simply hold the sigil in your mind's eye as you focus on your intent with the oil.  See the sigil growing brighter as you concentrate, and as your ritual concludes, see the sigil "explode", sending your intent like a shockwave out into the far reaches of the universe.

     Using the sigil is not necessary for your oil to be effective.  De Rituales™ oils are made according to time-honored recipes with well-researched additions to ensure the best chance of success.  The sigils are made available for advanced practitioners to experiment with or to add potency for situations that call for a little extra "oomph".

     We hope that this brief overview inspires you to learn more.  In the past, esoteric practices were jealously guarded, but we believe that this knowledge should be available to all who seek to understand.

     Thank you for your patronage and support!