Money Draw Oil

     Money drawing formulae have been around for a long, long time, whether as oils, powders, incense, sachets, etc.  De Rituales™ honors this tradition by using a blend of traditional herbs reputed for generations to attract wealth.  As with any magickal endeavor, the user's Will and intention determine success.  Money Draw Oil can be used for workings involving wealth, prosperity, business success, loans, debt, and job promotions.

Common uses include:

  • Dressing a green, inscribed candle
  • Anointing a dollar bill to keep in your wallet
  • Applying a few drops in the heel of your shoe


       "What's that squiggly symbol for?"      

         The accompanying sigil has been empowered with an extra "kick" and may be focused upon while projecting your intent in using the oil.  Click here for more information about sigils and how they're used!    

         De Rituales Brand oils are made with 100% natural herbs and minerals, not synthetic fragrances.  Our oils are made to fulfill their intended purposes and not as substitutes for perfume.  As a result, sediment or fragments of herbs may be present.

    For External Use Only. Please do a skin test prior to wearing.
    Sold as a Curio.