Follow Me Oil


     Traditional Follow Me Boy and Follow Me Girl oils are based on the idea that one can surreptitiously force another to behave in a desired manner or fall in love.  We believe that the use of force against another, however subtle it may be, subverts free will.  Other practitioners take a more "all's fair in love and war" approach - and in fact that tends to be the traditional view in Hoodoo and other folk magick traditions - but De Rituales™ takes the stance that one's free will is sacrosanct.  This is not a judgment against other practitioners; we just want to make clear where we stand on the subject.

     De Rituales™ Follow Me Oil is formulated to foster harmonious relationships, mutual understanding, and balance.  Rather than "casting a spell over" someone to make them love you, Follow Me Oil enhances your own attractive qualities and can be used in ritual or spellwork to tailor that to a specific person.  This approach makes you more attractive to someone, rather than making them attracted to you.  This may seem like a small difference at first glance, but it does draw a line between coercion and respecting free will.

     Follow Me Oil is ideal for interpersonal relationships, but can also be employed for self-actualization or even training pets. 


"What's that squiggly symbol for?"      

     The accompanying sigil has been empowered with an extra "kick" and may be focused upon while projecting your intent in using the oil.  Click here for more information about sigils and how they're used!    

     De Rituales™ Brand oils are made with 100% natural herbs and minerals, not synthetic fragrances.  Our oils are made to fulfill their intended purposes and not as substitutes for perfume.  As a result, sediment or fragments of herbs may be present.


For External Use Only.  Please do a skin test prior to wearing.
Sold as a Curio.