Firewall Oil

     Often referred to as "Fiery Wall of Protection",  Firewall Oil is our interpretation of this tried-and-true Hoodoo recipe.  Firewall's function is to build barriers against harm.  Long regarded as being effective against fear, intimidation, adverse energies, and malevolent hexes or "crossings", Firewall is both an effective shield and a mirror, chasing harm away.  Our formula is designed not only to protect the self, but also property and even intangibles like data and computer networks.

Potential uses include:

  • Anointing railroad spikes and driving them into the ground at the corners of your property
  • Dabbing a little in each corner of the rooms of your house or apartment
  • Touching a small amount to each corner of your work desk and/or workspace
  • Anointing your credit/debit card
  • Anointing your computer, router, or modem to protect against hacks and data breaches
  • Rubbing a little onto your skin or clothing when you travel for general self-defense (Please remember to do a skin test first!)
  • Anointing your computer, router, or modem to protect against hacks and data breaches
  • Anointing a De Rituales™ Brand Guardian Talisman and placing it in the room of your homme you spend the most time in or in the glove box of your car


       "What's that squiggly symbol for?"      

         The accompanying sigil has been empowered with an extra "kick" and may be focused upon while projecting your intent in using the oil.  Click here for more information about sigils and how they're used!    

         De Rituales™ Brand oils are made with 100% natural herbs and minerals, not synthetic fragrances.  Our oils are made to fulfill their intended purposes and not as substitutes for perfume.  As a result, sediment or fragments of herbs may be present.


    For External Use Only.  Please do a skin test prior to wearing.
    Sold as a Curio.