Field of Echoes

Field of Echoes
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"We see that everything in Nature called destruction must be creation - a change from beauty to beauty."
- John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra

Our world is forever changing, and we cannot continue to grow without our past being ever-present. We build upon what our ancestors have taught us, transmute that knowledge and beauty, and propel it forward. From birth to death, we continually transform and inspire. Life however, cannot declare sole possession of beauty, as even in Death, our beauty carries on. Field of Echoes seeks to walk and dance in the winds of change and embrace the energies and echoes of our past; listening with attentive ears and enfolding their energies into our present.

Our mission, in part, is to create objects of beauty and utility, drawing upon æsthetics and techniques from Humanity’s past and fusing them with modern needs, sensibilities, and technologies. In this way, we hope to pass on our legacies with an eye to the future. We see ourselves spanning space and time in a way that results in the creation of new realities in the imaginations of our fellow human beings.

Field of Echoes seeks to incorporate various mediums and styles, all honoring and paying respect to those that came before us. Our bone work is all ethically sourced. Field of Echoes neither hunts nor kills any animals. Once an animal is obtained post-mortem, we carefully and lovingly clean the animal for bone preservation.

At Field of Echoes, we believe that to preserve is to cherish.