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     One couldn't possibly explain the Domus Khaotica/Marauder Underground in the space allotted here. A simple Google search will tell you everything you want to know (and much, much more). From DKMU.org:

     "For several years, we have existed on the periphery of the modern occult. Our primary activity has been to assault the consensual reality; insubstantia, the all-too-predominant paradigm that founds itself on the antithesis of creativity, imagination, passion, individualism and magick, itself. We cast spells, scribe sigils, open doorways, summon spirits, generate hauntings, design deities, perform rituals on skyscrapers while dropping acid, evoke archetypes around bonfires, imbue our intents within media of all sorts and anything else we might find useful in making the world a more wild, mysterious and liberating place to be.

     This isn’t your usual bowl of cornflakes."
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